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Shavei Hevron Institutions
The story of the Beit Midrash at Telem began in the year 5763, when the head of the Council for the Har Hevron region, approached Rabbi Bleicher, head of Yeshiva Shavei Hevron, and asked him to take an active role in an effort to strengthen the Telem settlement. At that time, there were only fourteen secular families living on the yishuv and no influx of families wishing to be absorbed was in sight.
The Ma'aleh Hever Yeshiva is a middle-school which was founded in 1996. The Yeshiva aims to create a change in national-religious education by creating a Torah atmosphere for its students which will prepare them to be future Torah leaders. About 60 students learn at the Yeshiva under Rav Aharon Egel-Tal, a graduate of Yeshiva Shavei Hevron.
Midrashet Shirat Hevron is a Torah institution for young women wishing to grow in Faith. It is a year of in-depth learning in a lively flowing atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on the building of personal strengths by bringing us face to face with ourselves, our people and Torah in the special atmosphere of the city of our Forefathers, Hevron.

Talmud Torah "Kinyan Torah" was founded by Rabbi Moshe Bleicher, shlita, in the year 2001.

"Kinyan Torah" was founded with the belief that a Torah environment is the natural environment to raise a child and is the best way to shape his personality.
Here, in the very place where our Forefathers lived, there is great significance to the Torah learning of the sons who returned to their borders and to the city of their Forefathers.

The "Me'emek Hevron" Publications are published by Yeshiva Shavei Hevron in beloved memory of Rabbi Eli and Dina Horowitz. "Me'emek Hevron" has published about 10 books and 19 pamphlets.
In the month of Tishrei, about six years ago, the Gemach "Chasdei Avot" was founded in order to help the public by providing large loans with easy return payments. In contrast to most loan foundations, the source of funds for the Gemach is not based on donor contributions but on the opening a savings account run by the Gemach itself.
Yeshiva Shavei Hevron, Beit Romano 72, Kiryat Arba 90100 Tel. 02-9963838 Fax 02-9963929 E-Mail: zonenfeld@shaveihevron.org
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