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Beit Midrash Netivot Dror

Head of Beit Midrash
Rabbi David Metuky

Telem, Har Hevron 90409

08-6889593 ; 052-8990274


The story of the Beit Midrash at Telem began in the year 5763, when the head of the Council for the Har Hevron region, approached Rabbi Bleicher, head of Yeshiva Shavei Hevron, and asked him to take an active role in an effort to strengthen the Telem settlement. At that time, there were only fourteen secular families living on the yishuv and no influx of families wishing to be absorbed was in sight. Rabbi Bleicher decided to send a group of young married students and yeshiva graduates in order to establish the Yeshiva. Today, the Telem settlement is rapidly developing and adding buildings to its landscape through the united efforts of the religious and secular members of its population.

The Beit Midrash occupies a central position in the settlement. Thirty-five students learn there and there are an equal number of graduates. The Beit Midrash was named "Netivot Dror" after the commander of the Hevron Brigade, Dror Weinberg, who recognized the great importance of bringing a religious nucleus to the Telem settlement in order to strengthen it.

The Beit Midrash caters to last year high school students and graduates wishing to learn in a higher yeshiva but uneasy about the high demands they have of their students. Students such as these usually describe themselves as hesitating between entering a higher yeshiva or going to a mechina. In some cases the choice of a mechina over a higher yeshiva represents a missed opportunity for these students.

The Beit Midrash at Telem is meant to provide an alternative for these boys; it is meant for those who wish to build their personalities in the Torah world and are looking for a small place with a warm family atmosphere, good relationships with teachers and a lot of personal guidance with regards to study and personal development. The framework is suitable for students who want to build and be built; to be built gradually, one step after another. Hopefully, these students will in turn help to build the Jewish nation that desires Torah.

The Beit Hamidrash at Telem is actually a "mechina" – not preparation for army service, but preparation for yeshiva. Its aim is to allow students to develop themselves in a Torah environment at their own pace in order to prepare them to learn in a regular higher yeshiva. In this way, the students lay strong foundations for in-depth Torah learning and good study habits as well as study habits for Gemara studies.

Graduates continue on to higher yeshivas or go into the army with the skills and personality traits they have acquired during their time at Netivot Dror.

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