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Talmud Torah "Kinyan Torah"

Rabbi Rami Ben Meir

P.O.B 1615 Kiryat Arba 90100



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Talmud Torah "Kinyan Torah" was founded by Rabbi Moshe Bleicher, shlita, in the year 2001.

"Kinyan Torah" was founded with the belief that a Torah environment is the natural environment to raise a child and is the best way to shape his personality.
Here, in the very place where our Forefathers lived, there is great significance to the Torah learning of the sons who returned to their borders and to the city of their Forefathers. By emphasizing the values of love of Torah and fear of G-d, the desire to acquire Torah is instilled in the child. At "Kinyan Torah" children are encouraged to learn independently and to review material previously learned outside of the regular school hours. In this way, children learn the value of retaining the precious knowledge they have acquired instead of just learning to fulfill homework assignments. At "Kinyan Torah", children are encouraged to learn on their own in the Beit Midrash after school hours

One of the main keys to success in education is good personal relations with the pupils. Thus, the school makes time during the day for children to have private time with their teachers in which they receive both emotional and educational help and support.

"Kinyan Torah" aims to shape future Torah scholars, who will be G-d fearing, well-adjusted and sympathetic individuals. They will have expertise in Torah knowledge and will stand up for Torah values. Leaders such as these will be a great blessing to our People as a whole.

There are approximately 170 pupils in attendance today at "Kinyan Torah" and 20 staff members. The children and staff come from eleven different settlements in the region.

"Kinyan Torah" serves the children of Kiryat Araba, Hevron and all of the surrounding settlements. The school transports them from and to their homes in armored vans for their security.

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