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About the Yeshiva

About the Yeshiva

Yeshiva Shavei Hevron was founded in the heart of the City of Our Forefathers during the years 1980-1982, with the aim of returning the Voice of Torah to the city of Hevron. Since then, the Yeshiva has grown and today, has a student body of about 300 students, about 80 of whom, are married. These students learn with great self-sacrifice, courage and joy.

The Torah of Rav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook ztz"l and his son and successor, Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook, is the basis of the educational approach at Shavei Hevron. The Yeshiva aspires to found a generation of Torah Scholars, who having a firm basis in Halacha and toil in Torah, will help to strengthen the foundation of faith within Am Yisrael.

Under the leadership of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Moshe Bleicher, shlit"a and the Acting Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Hananel Etrog shlit"a, the Yeshiva strives to create leaders and educators who are sensitive to the needs of Am Yisrael and have faith in the greatness of the present generation, the generation of the Geula. Great emphasis is placed on The State of Israel, which is seen as, the "Seat of Hashem", through which, He is revealed in the world.

Diligent Torah Learning, in the very place where Our Forefathers, the roots of our nation lived, gives Am Yisrael the strength and the means to reach its shared national goals.

The students at Shavei Hevron are instilled with a sense of being emissaries for the Jewish People. Many graduates continue on to fulfill roles in education and many other realms of endeavor, while maintaining and applying the Torah values acquired at the Yeshiva.

Young students from all over the country learn in the Beit Midrash before and after fulfilling their army service, alongside married students of various ages, who have established their homes in Kiryat Arba, Har Hevron and the nearby region.

From Then Until Now

  • Yeshivat Shavei Hevron is situated at Beit Romano in the holy city of Hevron.

    The Beit Romano Building was erected in the year 1876, by Avraham Romano, a rich Jew from Turkey. The building was a Torah center from the time of Rav Hezkiya Medini ztz"l, known as the "Sdei Hemed", who lived and established a yeshiva on its premises.

    Later, Beit Romano was purchased by Rav Shalom Beer Schneerson of Lubavitch, who founded the first important Chabad Yeshiva - "Torath Emeth" Yeshiva - in the building.

    The building served the British police force at the time of the 1929 Arab Uprisings in Hevron. The survivors of the uprisings were gathered at Beit Romano prior to their expulsion from Hevron, the City of Our Forefathers.

    During the Jordanian rule, the structure was used as a school for girls.

    The school was closed in the year, 1981, after the stabbing of David Kapulsky near Beit Romano.

  • The Establishment of the Yeshiva

    The renewal of the Jewish settlement in 1967, The entrance of a group led by Rav Moshe Levinger to the Military Headquarters in Hevron in 1967, marked the renewal of the Jewish settlement in the city. This was the first step towards the eventual establishment of Kiryat Arba.

    In the dead of night, On the Eve of Rosh HaShana 1978, a group of women led by Rabbanit Miriam Levinger, entered the Beit Haddassah Building in the heart of Hevron and renewed Jewish presence in the city. The desire to establish a yeshiva in the City of Our Forefathers arose after the murder of six boys at the entrance to Beit Haddassah on Shabbat "Parshat Emor" in 1979.

    Rav Avinoam Horowitz, then a young yeshiva student, managed to organize a group of students from Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav in Jerusalem, who were willing to come to help found a yeshiva in Hevron.

  • And The Sons Return To Their Borders

    In 1981, 10 yeshiva boys began learning at the historic Beit Romano building under Rav Moshe Bleicher, shlit"a. One of the founding students, Asher Aharon Gross z"l, was murdered by Arab terrorists in Hevron at the end of that year.

    During those difficult years, the yeshiva students and visitors could hear Rav Moshe Bleicher, shlit"a proclaiming that hundreds of yeshiva students would eventually occupy the benches of the Beit Midrash in Hevron in the future …..

Rabbis Of The Yeshiva

Rav Hananel Etrog

Rosh HaYeshiva

Rav Hananel Etrog, Rosh HaYeshiva, also teaches Shiur Dalet.  He learned at Yeshiva Shavei Hevron and Mercaz HaRav.  He has been teaching and is the Acting Rosh Yeshiva since 2002.

Rav Yakov Marziano

Teaches Shiur Aleph

Teaches Shiur Aleph and has been learning at Yeshivat Shavei Hevron since 1998.  He began teaching at the Yeshiva in 2011.  Rav Yakov lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.

Rav Tamir Elmali`ach

Teaches Shiur Aleph

Rav Moshe Halamish

Rav Rafi Baruch

Teaches Shiur Aleph

Has been learning at the Yeshiva since 1997 and has taught since 2014.  Rav Rafi lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.

Rav Aharaleh Franko

Teaches High Class

Rav Mishael Rubin

Teaches Shiur Bet

Teaches Halacha.  Learned at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav and at Kollel `Eretz Chemdah`.  Has been teaching at the Yeshiva since 1998.  Rav Mishael lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.


Rav Moti Baruch

Teaches Shiur Bet

Learned at Shavei Hevron since 1995 and after graduation, taught at Yeshivat Itamar.  Has been teaching at Shavei Hevron since 2011.  Rav Moti lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.

Rav Boaz Revital

Teaches Shiur Gimel

Teaches Shiur Bet.  Learned at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav under Rav Mordechai Sternberg.  Has been teaching at the Yeshiva since 2003.  Rav Boaz lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.

Rav Boaz Kahana

Teaches Shiur Gimmel.  Has been learning at Shavei Hevron since 1995 and began teaching in 2006.  Rav Boaz lives with his family in Kiryat Arba.

RavShlomo Dreyfus

Teaches High Class

Rav Hen Halamish

Staff Members


Phone: 02-9963777

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Gilad Matana Executive Director
 Dovi Weiss Executive Director
Orit Cohen Director of Internal Relations Department
Yossi Klein Deputy Director of External Relations Department
 Sherry Ben Chetrit 7 Secretary of External Relations Department
 Yair Pollack External Relations Department
 Eitan Broder External Relations Department
 Shimon Zonenfeld 3 Accounting and Finance Department
Rivka Zarbiv 1 Secretary Accounting Department
Noa Yahud 2 Student Registration
 Shalom Smadar Housefather
Avishai Gershoni Shiur Aleph Coordinator
Tidhar Babiyan Graduates Coordinater

How To Get To Us

Bus Information

Bus line 381 from the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem to Hevron. Bus lines 380, 382, 440 to Kiryat Arba. Get out at the stop closest to Bank Leumi and hitch rides on the bank corner to the Yeshiva.